Hello everyone,

My name is Yasmine and I am the founder of Blossoming Kindness Initiative and a Certified Children’s Life Coach. I specialize in children’s life coaching using play-based and interactive techniques to allow the child to have fun while learning life skills. I obtained my certificate from Kids Life Academy after witnessing how the behaviors of our children (and us before them) are shaped by our life experiences.

The way we internalize events, in turn impacts the way we respond to our outside world.  With a major influx of toxic influences, social media, and peer pressure, our children are prone to respond negatively.  This results in being anxious stressed, unmotivated, lacking confidence, which evidently causes adversity on the overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Through play-based coaching, I will be able to empower your child to create healthy choices and be the leaders of their own lives. The life skills provided through the different packages are meant to enable your child to focus on the well-being of their inner world, so they can be resilient towards everyday external toxic influences.


Children's Life Coach &
Founder of Blossoming Kindness Initiative

Why Children’s Life Coaching?

The children’s life coaching I am offering is play-based and interactive to allow the child to have fun while learning life skills.

Activities are scientifically backed up using methods from: Neuro-linguistic programming, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and lots of play.

Focusing on the child’s uniqueness and talents to allow them to blossom in life using their own strengths.

A fun introduction on how the brain and nervous system works.

Empowering the child to adopt a healthy lifestyle using key ingredients.

Disabling labels and having a mental label of success & growth mindset.

Helping the child to go inwards using the provided coping tools and have control of their inside world.

Tailor-made coaching plan based on your child’s needs.


For one-on-one coaching for your child or workshops, please contact: yasmine@blossomingkindness.com