September 13, 2023

What is Childrens’ (Kids) Life Coaching?

Yasmine Hammad
Written by a Children's Life Coach

         Life-coaching is probably one of the latest professions that has been shaping our world since the 1980’s.  The role of a coach is to help the coachee set goals, remove blockages and live a fulfilling life. Children’s coaching is mostly about providing the child with life-skills. It can use different modalities depending on the needs of the child, there so several specialties.

         Let us agree from the beginning, children life coaching is not therapy. The coaching doesn’t provide quick fixes either. For me personally, coaching is about providing a safe space for the child to share and learn life-skills, whilst embracing their uniqueness. The play-based techniques allows the child to learn skills through practical and fun activities. My main goals is to give the child the sufficient tools to lead an emotionally and mentally healthy lifestyle.

         I am a parent too. I saw how the behaviours of my children (and myself before them) are shaped by our life experiences.  And with major influx of toxic influences, social media and peer pressure, our children are prone to respond negatively. This results in being anxious, stressed, unmotivated, lacking confidence, which evidently cause adversity on the overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. That’s when I decided I wanted to be of help to myself, my own children and my community.

         By no means am I claiming that I have an expertise of 20 years or so or that I have got the parenting game figured out. I am a certified children’s life coach and I am learning every day from nature, books, courses and the children that I am coaching. All I can humbly say is that Blossoming Kindness Coaching has proven to be effective, inclusive and the best part is that it’s tailored to fit the child’s needs. It can be done in the form of one-on-one sessions or group workshops.

Here are some frequently asked questions and my answers:

1: What methods are being used in your Children’s Life Coaching?

All activities are evidence-based strategies using methods from: Neuro-linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and lots of play.

2. Do you fix the child’s issues?

No, we don’t fix issues, instead I focus on the child’s uniqueness and talents to allow them to blossom in life using their own strengths.

3. Does my child have to be struggling to get coaching?

Absolutely not, coaching is for everyone. A child without any issues can get coached on crucial life-skills and coping mechanisms in general.

4. How would you change habits?

Empowering the child to adapt a healthy lifestyle using key ingredients, which in turn will help the child in changing unhealthy habits.

5. How would you help my child? with e.g. anxiety, low confidence, misbehaviour, etc…

By guiding the child to go inwards using the provided coping tools and gain control of their inside world.

6. Will you use the same methods with every child?

Tailor-made coaching plan based on your child’s needs. Kindly note that the programme is more effective when parents help their children at home using the tools provided to them during the sessions.

7. Is coaching the same as therapy?

Therapists help people by diagnosing and resolving problematic behaviors and feelings over a long period of time. A Life Coach helps the child learn how powerful their mind is to help them form healthy habits and equally make healthy choices. Coaching inspires children to be authentic, full of love and life. It is very applicable for a therapist and life coach to collaborate to help a child.

If you have any more questions about children’s life coaching, then kindly email us on and we will be happy to answer them.