Love Letter To Myself

Yasmine Hammad
Simple yet a powerful tool

Today, I would like to encourage – actually urge – you to try writing a love letter to yourself.  Due to the busy-ness of life, we slowly lost the sight of how magical we truly are as humans. We got discoursed away and started focusing on things outside ourselves. The jobs. the laundry. The children. The vacation. The partners. And the list goes on.

When was the last time, you genuinely took time to write a kind word about yourself? I don’t remember either. I am making a conscious effort to do so today. I am inviting you to do a simple activity that will help you embrace your uniqueness gracefully and unlock more potential.

Here is how:

  • Get a paper and pen.
  • Address yourself kindly with your preferred nickname.
  • Thank your past-self: Start with chatting to your inner child. Reassuring them that all has been forgiven. All the past mistakes were precious lessons that you learnt from.
  • Talk in the present tense to yourself now.  Write all your talents, your skills, what you love doing and favorite characteristics etc. Write whatever makes you viscerally unique.
  • Visualise your future-self: write down things you would like to try, learn and achieve. Work in baby steps towards achieving those steps and scripting your own unique future.
  • Finish the letter be sending love, kindness and peace to all stages and versions of YOURSELF.
  • We have created some free downloadable letter templates if you wish to use them “LETTERS TO MYSELF (AGES: 9 - 100)”.

My wish for you is to frequently practice kindness towards yourself. May you always stay aware, grounded, rooted to the most magical thing: YOU!

A Kind reminder: You are loved. You are wonderful. I am grateful for your existence today!

Lots of love,


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