May 26, 2022

Looking After Mother Earth…

By Yasmine Hammad
Is an act of Kindness

Mother Earth is what sustains life for all of human kind and living creatures.  She is in the literal sense our ‘mother’.  She nurtures us daily with her unlimited supplies, beauty and healing properties.

We assume that her resources are infinite – especially when we are busy with inventing and creating new ways of living.   Events and modernisation have created an unstoppable wave of change to the Earth we know.  And she has been suffering lately.  

I am not writing this today to make you feel guilty, but rather to give you hope on how we – as individuals – can make a change. Every small act of kindness towards Earth can create a ripple effect – no matter how small – it will still matter in raising new conscious generations.

Here are a few ideas of how, you and your family, can express your appreciation and kindness towards our Mama:

-       Choose environmentally-focused books to introduce the matter to your children. Example: The Eco-Hero’s by Save our World.

-       Enlighten them about our interconnectedness and dependence on Earth as a main source of living and livelihood.

-       Set a recycling bin the house and teach them young about not-using plastic items and reducing their waste.

-       Planting sessions for the whole family to learn more about the local plants and how you can increase the oxygen levels in your neighbourhood.

-       Earthing/grounding sessions will help you feel more connected to Earth to further discover its healing powers.

-       Take your children to visit plantations and recycling plants in your city to find out about how they are seeking to solve the climate change issue.

-       Switch off Air conditioning and electrical devices when not in need.

-       Consider car-pooling or walking to school.

To dance the mother of all dances, the dance of kindness towards Earth, we have to start with ourselves and our families. We must weave together the threads of compassion and kindness to develop the full tapestry of our lives. We will then walk lightly. Share joy. Give thanks. Celebrate the beauty around us. And most of all, share the wisdom of protecting Mother Earth.

My wish for you today is that you feel Earth in your heart and to slow down to indulge in all the abundance and beauty she has to offer us.  Thank you Mama Earth for all that you provide us unconditionally.

For more information:

-       Climate change facts and actions: UN Website

-       100+ Ways to heal the planet.