December 24, 2023

Connecting with your child…

Yasmine Hammad
Over the holidays

Nothing creates more connection – and potentially lots of laughter – than spending quality undisturbed time playing with your child.  Creating fond memories with our children doesn’t have to be about lavish holidays and expensive toys. It can be as simple as a few rounds of UNO card game or even crafting a doll out of paper mesh.

Here are some of my favorite tips from a Children’s Life Coach who spends a lot of time playing with children.

· Keep your phone away when you are about to play a game with your child(ren). Make sure that they put their gadgets away as well.

·  Choose a game collectively to play together and ask everyone to meet in the living room at a specific hour to play. Alternatively, you could surprise by a game/board game that you would like to play as well.

·  Learn a new craft – that can later turn into a hobby - at home together. Example: clay, watercolours, knitting…etc. There are plenty of step-by-step videos on YouTube that can guide all of you.

·  Go for a walk and play “Spot my color”. Everyone chooses a color before the walk and must look for that color on your route.

·  Play in the kitchen with new ingredients for a meal or baking. If they have watched “Nailed it”, you can turn it into a healthy competition at your home.

·  Search and participate in charity events if available in your community. A great time to introduce different topics and bring empathy and awareness to your children at the same time.

These are my favorite tips to connect with my own children. Let me know which ones you have tried and how did it helped shape your break.

My hope for you is that you spend quality time connecting with your families, whilst creating a positive impact on other humans and communities around the world.

With love & kindness,